Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Searching JSTOR? You can extend your search to the full Library DISCOVER service

When you search JSTOR for journal articles you can now extend your search instantly to look for results from the full Library DISCOVER service

Whenever you search JSTOR we offer full integration with the Library's DISCOVER platform.

As you search for something in JSTOR you will see that there is a link ready and waiting to take your search into DISCOVER ('Search at UoL'). If you get no results in JSTOR then a much larger DISCOVER search box is displayed to launch your search in DISCOVER!

University of Liverpool Library offers access to over 1300 JSTOR journal titles

DISCOVER is the Library's unified, customised index of University of Liverpool Library resources, print and e-resources, books and journal articles - an easy yet powerful means of accessing what the Library has from one single search box.

It works the other way too. JSTOR content is in DISCOVER as well of course and you can find JSTOR content by selecting JSTOR as the 'Content Provider ' in the left-hand column of your results screen.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Look: Who's Who's back!

Having recently decided not to renew our subscription to Who's Who and Who Was Who we have now changed our minds in response to comments from some anguished users. So access is once again available from

Who's Who, published annually since 1849 and the first biographical book of its kind, contains over 33,000 short biographies, continually updated, of living noteworthy and influential individuals, from all walks of life, worldwide. Approximately one thousand new entries are added every year. Each biographee supplies the original information for their entry and is then sent an annual proof for updating. Editors also monitor the press and other sources of reference for day-to-day changes and additions.

In 1920 the first volume of Who Was Who was published, providing a wealth of material for researchers without easy access to the earlier individual volumes of Who's Who. This first edition was composed of the entries of those who had died between 1897 and 1915 with the date of death added to each. Subsequent volumes of Who Was Who cover the years from 1916 to 2005. Published originally at ten-year intervals, and now every five years, each new edition provides an opportunity for revision and correction where necessary, using many sources of reference. However, as no account is taken of the many changes that may have been made to an entry during a life, serious researchers may, on occasion, wish to consult the individual volumes of Whos Who to obtain a fuller picture. Who Was Who has proved invaluable in identifying not only those who shaped the events of their time but others, now forgotten, who were familiar names to the journalists and diarists who recorded the events of the day.

Hague Academy Collected Courses now available

We have started a subscription to Hague Academy Collected Courses (aka Recueil des Cours) on the Martinus Nijhoff Online platform. Access is available now and they will be added to our catalogue and DISCOVER very soon. We hope to activate them in SFX / find it @ liverpool later so they can be found via Google Books and WorldCat.

The Hague Academy of International Law is a centre for high-level education in public and private international law. The Academy’s scientific body, the Curatorium, calls upon the foremost specialists, including academics, practitioners, diplomats, and other leading experts from all over the world, to deliver courses to an international audience in English or French. The courses are published in the Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law, which is the most important encyclopaedic publication on private and public international law. The collection currently contains about 1,250 volumes dating back to 1923. Our subscription includes access to all volumes, including new ones as soon as they are made available online.