Friday, February 25, 2011

DISCOVER now includes all JSTOR

We previously reported that JSTOR Arts & Sciences I was now included in our main DISCOVER search results, and now all of our subscribed JSTOR collections are included:

JSTOR Arts & Sciences I
JSTOR Arts & Sciences II
JSTOR Arts & Sciences III
JSTOR Arts & Sciences IV
JSTOR Arts & Sciences VII
JSTOR Biological Sciences
JSTOR Ireland

(Actually it includes JSTOR Life Sciences which is bigger than JSTOR Biological Sciences so you might sometimes be denied access if you follow the link to JSTOR, although by following our find it @ liverpool link you might find that we have access elsewhere, e.g. for Proc. Roy. Soc.).

All the JSTOR collections listed above are included in our main DISCOVER search, but just the relevant ones in our subject profiles on DISCOVER.

Now that JSTOR and Web of Science are included in our main DISCOVER results, we have withdrawn from them federated search results on the right of the screen.

Friday, February 11, 2011

TRIAL: VetMed Resource and CABI eBooks

We have trials of two CABI resources until 15th April 2011:

VetMed Resource and CABI eBooks

To access these trials just click the links above - they are routed via EZproxy for off-campus access.

VetMed Resource is a single comprehensive information resource containing all of CABI's veterinary information to provide the ideal support for veterinary continuing education. It includes:

The bibliographic database Veterinary Science Database (which we currently subscribe to) from 1972 and is weekly

Full text conference papers, journal articles and bulletins, from sources including:
- Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica
- Journal of Veterinary Public Health
- Veterinary Practitioner
- World Congress Proceedings. World Small Animal Veterinary Association
- North American Veterinary Conference
- Ontario Veterinary Medical Association Conference Proceedings

Breaking news updates, news articles covering current topics and an events calendar

CAB Reviews: specially commissioned, peer reviewed review articles written by specialists in their field

The Animal Health and Production Compendium which includes over 2000 pictures, drug database, glossary, food safety module, parasite identification keys, and detailed coverage of health and production topics.

CABI eBooks are available in the following subject collections:

Animal & Veterinary Sciences
Environmental Sciences
Human Health, Food & Nutrition
Leisure & Tourism
Plant Sciences

and are sold in bundles according to year of publication: 2000-2004, 2005-2007, and 2008 onwards.

Books are presented in PDF format and you can either download single chapters or the entire eBook in one file.

After trying these products please leave feedback using the comments option below. You can choose the Anonymous comment option if you don’t have a Blogger account, but please provide us your name so we can follow-up any feedback you might have. Please specify whether you are referring to VetMed Resource or the eBooks (or both).

FT Intelligence replaced by ProQuest International Newsstand

When we were busily updating our links to the new ProQuest platform we noticed something unexpected called ProQuest International Newsstand.

It turned out that the FT Intelligence site (home to the last 10 years - bar the current day - of the FT) was also being discontinued and instead we had access to ProQuest International Newsstand instead. This includes the Financial Times back to 1996 - bar the current day - and also includes over 450 other newspapers and newswires (mostly only going back a year or two admittedly).

If current news is your thing then you might find ProQuest International Newsstand a useful addition to our resources (in additional to Lexis LIbrary, Westlaw and Library PressDisplay).

See our e-newspapers page for full details of the newspaper sites we can access. BTW, we still have access to the Financial Times Historical Archive 1888-2006, part of the Gale NewsVault.

We will add catalogue records for the newspapers in ProQuest International Newsstand in due course, and activate them in SFX / find it @ liverpool.

New ProQuest platform replaces CSA Illumina

The CSA Illumina site and the old ProQuest platform have now been combined into a new ProQuest platform which allows searching of any combination of CSA databases and ProQuest databases.

The previous sites will exist until June, but we have already updated our links to the main ProQuest and CSA databases and would encourage you to try it out.

As part of the transition, many of the more niche CSA databases have lost their identity and have been subsumed into larger databases.

So if you were a regular user of databases like:

Aerospace and High Technology Database
Earthquake Engineering Abstracts
Entomology Abstracts
Water Resources Abstracts

(and we know from our usage statistics that most people are already searching larger clusters of CSA databases) then please take a look at the
new ProQuest platform and familarise yourself with the new arrangement of databases. For example, the databases above are now part of:

Advanced Technologies Database with Aerospace
Engineering Research Database
Biological Sciences
Materials Research Database
Environmental Science and Pollution Management

respectively. We plan to stop linking to the old CSA Illumina site from the library catalogue and LibGuides by the end of February.

The new platform is also home to:

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses
ProQuest Historical Newspapers (apart from the NY Times which should appear soon)
ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health Source
British Periodicals

Results from the old sites will still appear in the More Results area of DISCOVER until EBSCO create new 'connectors' to search the new ProQuest platform.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

DISCOVER now includes ScienceDirect, WOS, JSTOR

The main search results in DISCOVER now include results supplied directly from:

ScienceDirect (from 2005 onwards)
Web of Science Arts & Humanities Citation Index (from 1976)
Web of Science Social Science Citation Index (from 1930)
Web of Science Science Citation Index (from 1900)

JSTOR Arts & Sciences I

Further JSTOR collections will be added to DISCOVER shortly (and of course in the meanwhile a high proportion of the articles in JSTOR are present in DISCOVER through other sources).

With these collections, clicking on the article title will take you to the full record in DISCOVER as normal, but next to the find it @liverpool SFX link there is a direct link to the full text on ScienceDirect or JSTOR, or the full record on Web of Science.

TRIAL: London Review of Books

We have a trial of the London Review of Books online until 14th April 2011.

To access this trial go to on campus. Off-campus users should use Internet Explorer within Apps Anywhere. Should we subscribe, we would enable off-campus access through EZproxy us usual.

Access is back the very first issue in 1979, but note that only HTML versions of articles are included. If you want the PDF version you have to purchase that from the LRB bookshop.

After trying the London Review of Books online please leave feedback using the comments option below. You can choose the Anonymous comment option if you don’t have a Blogger account, but please provide us your name so we can follow-up any feedback you might have.

Monday, February 07, 2011

NEW: Brill journals collection

For 2011 we have expanded our subscriptions to Brill journals to include their full collection. We have had access to the Brill archive (Vol. 1 to 1999) since its purchase by JISC Collections in November 2008, and our usage of those archive volumes suggests that a subscription to the full collection (2000 to current) would be cost-effective.

The Brill collection contains humanities and social science titles from the Brill Academic Publishers imprint, international law and human rights titles from the Martinus Nijhoff imprint and science and technology titles from the VSP imprint. The additional titles that we now have full access to include:

Research in Phenomenology
Journal of Phenomenological Psychology
Southeastern Europe
Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient
Comparative Sociology
Perspectives on Global Development and Technology
Insect Systematics & Evolution
Asia Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law
Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology
Journal of Chinese Overseas
Middle East Law and Governance

See the full list of titles in the library catalogue.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Problem with find it @ liverpool links resolved

The problem that affected our find it @ liverpool links on Friday 4th February was caused by maintenance at the University of Edinburgh which caused our requests to the Edina national gateway to appear to come from within the University of Edinburgh. Hence we were redirected to the University of Edinburgh's link resolver rather than our own.

Edina have now corrected the problem, and they and we apologise for the inconvenience caused on Friday.