Monday, June 30, 2008

Blackwell journals now in Wiley InterScience

As of July 30th we believe that we have access to all the Blackwell Publishing journals that we should have access to, including subscribed titles that are outside the NESLi2 collections, and to our purchased Blackwell Publishing backfiles.

Wiley-Blackwell report that 1.6 million additional articles from Blackwell journals have been successfully loaded onto Wiley InterScience. After a few additional downtime hours they have now made the Wiley InterScience site live again. There may be intermittent service in the short term while they stabilize the site. They have also now permanently shut down the Synergy site.

They have redirected most links to their nearest equivalent on Wiley InterScience. However, they are still working on the OpenURL links which currently redirect to the Wiley InterScience homepage rather than the journal page, as they should. These links will be back in place in a few days. If you are not familiar with Wiley InterScience then please use the online tutorials or sign up for a free online webinar here:

To view the full list of Wiley-Blackwell journals go to You will see here several new subject areas which they have added to now reflect the full depth and range of the Wiley-Blackwell list. Wiley InterScience now includes 1,400 current journals, and 660 titles with backfiles back to volume 1. The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology will continue to be hosted on a separate site:

There is still some missing content from Blackwell which they are working through. This includes some issues, articles, parts of articles (e.g. article loaded in xml but not in PDF) plus some missing metadata and articles which need to be fixed due to special character rendering issues. The full list of missing content which they are working through will be listed on their transition site: and this will be updated weekly.

Work is well underway on the new Wiley-Blackwell online platform which will include many of the best features of Synergy as well as InterScience and which we will be launching in early 2009. More information about this new service will be provided in due course.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Journal Citation Reports - 2007 data available and training

The 2007 Journal Citation Reports were added to Web of Knowledge on 18th June.

A series of free Web Ex online training sessions are available in June and July specifically for JCR, further information at:

TIP: The quickest way to get to Journal Citation Reports from the library homepage is to click on Databases and then use the Search Database Titles box (under Locate and Search a Specific Database) to search for JCR. A search for Journal Citation Reports will of course work too, or a even search for impact factors (we try to second-guess you!).

Remember, you can create your own list of favourite databases, see

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

TRIAL: IOPscience

We have an extended trial of IOPscience until 31st December 2008. To access this trial go to Off-campus users will be prompted to login with their MWS username and password.

IOPscience is a new e-journals platform from the Institute of Physics that will run alongside their existing platform. IOPscience includes innovative features to help you locate articles and keep up to date in your chosen area. For example:

- all articles in physics, astronomy and mathematics are classified with PACS or MSC codes
- journal homepages have tag clouds of the most frequently occuring classification codes (mouseover the code for its definition)
- users can tag articles with their onw choice of keywords
- search results can be narrowed using filters (much like Scopus)
- any search can be saved as an RSS feed for updates

For more details of the added features see

Note that catalogue links and OpenURL links (SFX / find it @ liverpool) will continue to be directed to the existing IOP journals site.

Access to IOPscience in 2009 would only be available at additional cost, so we are keen to hear whether you think the additional features are worth paying for. So after trying IOPscience please leave a comment.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blackwell Synergy site ceases June 30th

Following the merger of Blackwell Publishing with John Wiley and Sons, the Blackwell Synergy site will cease to be available after June 30th 2008. All content on the Blackwell Synergy site, including current issues, backfiles, and issues published online before print, will be transferred to the Wiley InterScience site as of 1st July 2008.

A completely new, 'next-generation' Wiley-Blackwell site will be launched in 2009 that we are promised will include the best features of both Blackwell Synergy and Wiley InterScience and which will introduce innovative new functionality and capabilities.

Wiley-Blackwell assure us that:

- all Blackwell journal access rights will be transferred, enabling continuous access to our licensed content
existing Synergy URLs and links will redirect to the content on Wiley InterScience
they will work with link resolver vendors (e.g. our SFX / find it @ liverpool service from Ex Libris) to redirect links to Wiley InterScience
DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) are persistent and so will continue to work after the move to Wiley InterScience
they have upgraded Wiley InterScience to accommodate the addition of Blackwell books, journals and customers
the accounts for all registered users on Blackwell Synergy will transfer to Wiley InterScience so that users continue to receive the journal E-TOCs and other alerts that they have signed up for

Note that:

- Wiley Interscience does not include icons to indicate whether you are entitled to full-text access (but the new Wiley-Blackwell site coming in 2009 will)
the Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology will remain on its existing platform for now
Linguistics Abstracts Online will remain on its existing platform for now

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Athens to be withdrawn from end of July

For many years, Athens has been UK HE's Identity Management service, run by Eduserv and funded by JISC. JISC will stop funding Athens on 31st July 2008 and will replace it as the national access management service by a new service called the UK Federation, based on the Shibboleth technology.

How does this affect you?

If you are used to logging in to Athens to access e-resources then you will need to get used to new access routes.

Links to most e-resources from the Library web pages and catalogue are already authenticated by IP address and routed via EZproxy (though they may be accessible via Athens too at present).

On-campus, you have seamless access to these resources; off-campus you will be prompted to login to EZproxy with your Managed Windows Service username and password.

British Standards Online, JustCite and LexisNexis Butterworths have been converted to IP/EZproxy access recently. ESDU, Info4Education (i.e. Construction Information Service et al) and Westlaw will follow shortly.

A few resources, including:

BUFVC resources (inc TRILT and the TVTimes Project 1955-1985)
Census resources
Economic and Data Service (ESDS)
MIMAS landmap
Zetoc alerts

cannot or will not allow access by IP/EZproxy. CSD and the Library are actively working with JISC and the vendors concerned to ensure that Shibboleth or some other authentication method is available by Aug 1st 2008. CSD are developing a new UK Federation login page, and direct login links to these resources.

Personal settings tied to your Athens account, for example in RefWorks and Zetoc alerts, will need particular attention.

The Library's RefWorks page has been updated to explain how to convert your Athens-based RefWorks account into one that is no longer tied to your Athens account:

1. Login to Athens at
2. Follow the link from your MyAthens page to RefWorks (
3. In RefWorks, choose Tools, Update User Information
4. Choose a new Login Name and Password and click the Update button
5. In future, login to RefWorks directly at using your chosen Login Name and Password (if you are off-campus you will first be prompted to login to EZproxy if you haven’t already)

An announcement will follow about how to convert Athens-based Zetoc alert accounts.

For other resources where you may have chosen to set personal preferences (e.g. ScienceDirect), try logging into your account via Athens as normal, and then edit your profile to choose a new username and password. Failing that, note your personal settings, access the resource via EZproxy instead of Athens and create a new personal account, then change its settings to match your previous personal account that was tied to your Athens account.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

TRIAL: Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice, 1490-2007

We have a trial of Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice, 1490-2007 until 1st July 2008.

To access this trial go to Off-campus users should access this through the Windows Terminal Service. In the event of purchase we would set up off-campus access through EZproxy as usual.

During the trial, the ‘download entire document in PDF’ option is not available but you are still able to view and print images from the collections.

Note that this online collection is not yet complete. See for more details of its current and future contents.

After trying Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice, 1490-2007 please leave a comment.