Friday, May 23, 2008

Metalib upgraded - new features

Metalib has now been upgraded to version 4.2. The following new features are now available:

- Display snippet of an article’s abstract in the brief results list
- Direct export of records to RefWorks
- Additional tags for EndNote/ProCite/Reference Manager
- Display the SFX A-Z e-Journals list in the MetaLib window instead of in a separate window
- Export records from a user’s e-Shelf as a ‘reading list’ in HTML or XML format

Thursday, May 22, 2008

SciFinder Scholar - web version now available

Until now you have had to install client software to use SciFinder Scholar (Chemical Abstracts Online). A web version has now been made available - see for details of how to register for and use this version.

Note that we have only 6 simultaneous user licences for SciFinder Scholar. To enable us to use the web version we have had to split our user licences between the two versions. We have opted to assign 4 user licences to the client version and 2 to the web version. If you are denied access to one version, try the other.

In the past year only 1% of attempts to access SciFinder Scholar have been unsuccessful due to all licences being in use. We will continue to monitor turnaways for both versions of SciFinder Scholar but do contact
Clair Sharpe or leave a comment if you find that you are being regularly turned away.

DiscoveryGate - version 2.5 and new URL

DiscoveryGate 2.5 is now available - and it has moved to a new URL: (previously it was 'gateway' instead of 'www'). We have updated our links from Metalib and the catalogue.

To install the new version, PC users should:

- Go to
- Click on the grey Download Software tab. It is easiest to opt to Save the installer file and then Run it, because you must close all browser windows before you run the Installer
- After running the installer, restart a browser and go to
- Click on the red Software Update Available tab to download the latest Java updates
- Refresh your browser and the red tab should disappear and the MDL Draw box should appear in the QuickSearch panel

Mac users just need to go to The automatic update functionality of DiscoveryGate installs the .jar files onto the computer. There are no other tasks required to install DiscoveryGate on Macs.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Updated E-Journals and SFX Pages

We have updated our e-journals web pages and our SFX (find it @ liverpool) pages.

On our
main e-journals page we have:

- Removed the A-Z links for browsing e-journals. If you do want to browse, type in a letter of the alphabet (but why not type in more?) and choose the 'starts with' search option

- Used a single search box for the library catalogue, but with choices of searching by title (default), keyword, or ISSN (new)

- Changed the link for e-journal collections (Big Deals) to point to a new page that allows you to search up to 12 e-journal collections in Metalib (and has links to the 'native' search pages of each)

We have upgraded SFX / find it @ liverpool, resulting in:

- A fresh look, including University of Liverpool branding

- Each e-journal source being a clickable link, giving an alternative (more intuitive?) route to full-text

- The icon to add a title to your My e-Journals in Metalib is now a more intuitive plus-sign-in-a-circle rather than the obscure Metalib icon

- Results from searching the A-Z list now show up to 50 e-journals per page rather than just 20

Our e-journals help and My e-Journals help pages have been updated accordingly.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

TRIAL: Lyell Collection - Geological Society of London

We have a trial of the Geological Society of London's Lyell Collection until 30th June 2008. The Lyell Collection comprises two journals:

Journal of the Geological Society, from Vol. 1 (1845) onwards
Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, from Vol. 1 (1967) onwards

and three book series:

Special Publications, from Vol. 1 (1964) onwards
Engineering Geology Special Publications, from Vol. 2 (1986) onwards
Geological Society Memoirs, from Vol. 1 (1958) onwards

We already have access to the journals through our subscriptions, but we are considering upgrading our subscription to the full Lyell Collection and want to find out the level of demand for the book series.

To access this trial go to Off-campus users should use the Windows Terminal Service, though in the event of a subscription we would set up off-campus access via EZproxy as usual.

After trying the Lyell Collection, please leave a comment - particularly about which (if any) of the book series are important to you.