Tuesday, November 28, 2006

NEW: 19th Century House of Commons Parliamentary Papers Online

We now have access to the Nineteenth Century House of Commons Parliamentary Papers online, following their purchase by JISC.

You can find this resource listed under:

General Databases

New Databases

and the databases for all areas of SES, plus History, Irish Studies and Philosophy.

Access is currently only available on campus, though off-campus access via Athens is coming soon.

The House of Commons Parliamentary Papers are rich and detailed primary sources, fundamental to our understanding of current legislation, policy making and the political environment.

This source brings together the Chadwyck-Healey microfiche edition of the 19th Century House of Commons Sessional papers and the accompanying 5 volume index, Peter Cockton's 'Subject Catalogue of the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers, 1801-1900', the first thematic listing of the complete set of parliamentary papers.

Included are Bills, House Papers (including Reports of Committees, Reports of Commissioners, Accounts & Papers) and Command Papers. Full text searching is possible via keyword, paper title, subject, chair/author, session, paper number and year, or there are alphabetical and hierarchical subject lists to choose from.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

TRIAL: ResearchNow (bepress)

The Library doesn't actually have a trial of ResearchNow, as the site has a Quasi-open access policy which means that you can access full-text articles already - but you have to fill in a web form each you want to do so. If the Library were to subscribe then this barrier would be removed.

ResearchNow brings together the bepress
journals in Economics, Business, and Marketing; Law; Political Science, Public Affairs, and Humanities; Health and Medicine; and Science and Technology with institutional repositories, subject repositories and working papers.

We now that several of you have expressed an interest in bepress journals by taking the trouble to fill in the web form to access full-text articles. We are now encouraging more of you to try ResearchNow and tell us what you think.

After trying ResearchNow, whether or not you have used it before, please leave a comment below.

Monday, November 20, 2006

TRIAL: Gale Virtual Reference Library

The Library has a trial of the Gale Virtual Reference Library until 16th December.

To access this trial go to the Thomson Gale trials site and login with the trial username and password.

The Gale Virtual Reference Library is a collection of electronic reference works accessible via the web. More than 600 reference works are currently available in many subject areas.

Searching can be basic via keyword or a more advanced search option is available, or titles can be selected from a subject list. Records can be downloaded and both the content and interface can be translated into a number of different languages.

After trying the Gale Virtual Reference Library please leave a comment below.

TRIAL: Investext Plus

The Library has a trial of Investext Plus until 16th December.

To access this trial go to the
Thomson Gale trials site and login with the trial username and password.

Investext Plus provides access to Thomson Financials collection of investment research, offering full-text reports in their original published formats, including all charts, photographs and graphics.

Investext Plus includes research from over 700 investment banks and 190 trade associations and currently contains over 1 million reports. The users can access the same research and analysis used at top investment banks, consulting firms and law firms to monitor industry trends, track company financials and research merger & acquisition opportunities.

Using the same interface at the Times Digital Archive, documents are arranged in three categories, company reports, industry reports and geographic & topical reports and all are searchable.

After trying Investext Plus please leave a comment below.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

NEW e-journals Big Deal: Taylor & Francis STM Collection

We now have access to the Taylor & Francis STM Collection of over 500 e-journals in all areas of science, engineering and medicine. We currently only subscribe to about 50 of these journals.

Catalogue records for these journals will be created soon but these journals can be accessed now from the Taylor & Francis Online Journals site or from their new informaworld site.

We already have access to the Taylor & Francis Social Sciences & Humanities Collection.

TRIAL: American National Biography Online

The Library has a trial of the American National Biography Online from Oxford University Press until 14th December 2006.

To access this trial go to the
American National Biography Online (on-campus only).

The American National Biography offers portraits of more than 17,400 men and women whose lives have shaped the nation. More than a decade in preparation, the American National Biography is the first biographical resource of this scope to be published in more than sixty years.

Published in 24 volumes in 1999, the American National Biography won instant acclaim as the new authority in American biographies. Winner of the American Library Association's Dartmouth Medal as the best reference work of the year, the ANB now serves readers in thousands of school, public, and academic libraries around the world.

The publication of the online edition makes the ANB even more useful as a dynamic source of information - updated quarterly, with hundreds of new entries each year and revisions of previously published entries to enhance their accuracy and currency. The ANB Online features thousands of illustrations, more than 80,000 hyperlinked cross-references, links to select web sites, and powerful search capabilities.

After trying the ANB online, please leave a comment below.

Monday, November 13, 2006

TRIAL: Faculty of 1000 Medicine

The Library as a trial of Faculty of 1000 Medicine until 30th December 2006. We already subscribe to Faculty of 1000 Biology.

To access this trial go to Faculty of 1000 Medicine (requires EZproxy login off-campus).

Faculty of 1000 Medicine is the next-generation literature evaluation and awareness service for medicine. Based on the recommendations of a selected faculty of nearly 2500 leading international researchers and clinicians, it systematically highlights and reviews the most pertinent papers in any field of medicine.

After trying Faculty of 1000 Medicine please leave a comment below.

TRIAL: Business Monitor

The Library has a trial to Business Monitor Online until 13th December 2006.

Business Monitor Online provides:

- in-depth country risk reports (155 Emerging Markets & 20 Developed Countries)

- Industry analysis and forecasting ( 14 sectors across 80 countries)

- Company intelligence (profiles of 60,000 corporate offices & 175,000 key personnel)

- Financial markets forecasts

The reports are designed to analyse the political, economic and business environment of each Country and Industry in a way that is systematic and easy to use. With an extensive pdf archive, daily news and analysis, data and forecasts and quarterly reports Business Monitor Online offers an excellent research database for students and academics.

To access the trial go to:
http://www.businessmonitor.com/cgi-bin/request.pl and login with trial username and password.

To begin searching through the service, you will need to navigate from the dropdown boxes, located at the top of the page under the BMO logo.

To read about a single country select 'county risk' from the service dropdown and select a country from the geography dropdown. You will then be directed to the Country Service homepage.

Please leave a comment to let us know what you think about Business Monitor Online.

Friday, November 10, 2006

TRIAL: Empire Online

The Library has a trial of Empire Online until 8th December 2006.

To access this trial go to http://www.amponline.co.uk/empire-ip/ (on-campus only).

Empire Online contains over 70,000 images of original manuscripts and printed material, 1492-1962, taken from libraries and archives around the world. Africa, the Americas, Australasia, Oceania and South Asia are all covered.

Empire Online comprises 5 sections:

Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Section II: Empire Writing and the Literature of Empire
Section III: The Visible Empire
Section IV: Religion and Empire
Section V: Race, Class and Colonialism, c1783-1969

Section V is not due for release until January 2007 when the whole site will also move to a completely new environment.

After trying Empire Online, please leave a comment below.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

TRIAL: Snapshots Market Research Series

The Library has a trial to the Snapdata's Snapshots Market Research Series until 27th November 2006.

The Snapshots Series provides up to date, statistical overviews of industries by country, demonstrating market trends with historical market size data, key company shares, segmentation, distribution and forecasts. As part of the trial, the Company Snippets Series is also available.

To access the trial go to:
http://www.snapdata.com/ and login with the trial username and password.

Then select My Reports at the top of the screen to see all the available reports. Select an area/year to see the specific report titles.

After trying Snapshots Market Research Series please leave a comment below.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

TRIAL: Intellectual Property in the Research Context

The Library has a trial of Intellectual Property in the Research Context for about a month.

Intellectual Property in the Research Context is an interactive on-line course featuring video, simulations, readings & quizzes aimed at PhD students and academic staff engaged in research, helping them to work out what type of intellectual property they need to protect their work and how to take the necessary steps to get it.
The course was commissioned by Imperial College.

The course is also best viewed using a PC with speakers so you can hear the sound track which accompanies the video clips.

To access this trial:

Go to
http://webct1.imperial.ac.uk (Imperial College's WebCT server)
Login with the
trial username and password.
Click on 'IP in the Research Context'
Click on 'Course Files'
Work through the course by clicking on each item in turn on the left hand menu bar.

After trying Intellectual Property in the Research Context please leave a comment below.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

TRIAL: Library PressDisplay

The Library has a trial of Library PressDisplay until 30th November 2006.

To access this trial on campus just go to
Library PressDisplay. Off-campus users will need to login with the trial username and password.

You can then search, or use the Select Newspaper icon near the top right hand newspaper to choose a particular newspaper. Use the Help icon to learn more about the features of Library PressDisplay. Note that Library PressDisplay only contains 60-days of back issues. It would complement, not replace, LexisNexis and/or Dialog News.

Library PressDisplay site provides a traditional 2-page newspaper view, table of contents, article jumps (linking article sections) and easy to read text views. Library PressDisplay further improves on newspaper reading with instant translation. Now readers can translate their newspaper into one of ten major foreign languages. Page and article sharing, RSS and blogging features enhance the traditional newspaper and magazine experience.

After trying Library PressDisplay please leave a comment below

TRIAL: Mideastwire

The Library has a trial of Mideastwire until 4th January 2007.

To try Mideastwire go to
Mideastwire.com and login with the trial username and password. Then scroll down to see the current day's newsletter or search by date or by keyword.

While there are now more than 500 Arabic and Persian news outlets reporting stories from and about the Middle East, there is currently no affordable means for English speakers to gain access to much of this content. As a result, the overwhelming majority of English speaking businesspersons, students, journalists and others who have an interest in the affairs of the region are largely unaware of what the Middle East media is covering and how they are covering these stories.

Mideastwire.com aims to close this gap by offering a daily email newsletter of concise, translated briefs covering some of the key political, cultural, economic and opinion pieces appearing in the media of the 22 Arab countries, Iran and the Arab Diaspora. Through this effort we believe Mideastwire.com will play a critical role in addressing at least one element of a global disconnect that continues to threaten a wide spectrum of socio-political and economic relationships, both here in the region and beyond.

For the trial period I am receiving the daily newsletter by email, but you can look at them via the website.

After trying Mideastwire please leave a comment below

TRIAL: xPharm and PharmaPendium

The Library has a trial of xPharm and PharmaPendium on the Elsevier MDL DiscoveryGate Platform until 30th November 2006.

To access this trial go to
DiscoveryGate. You will see icons for xPharm and PharmaPendium in the central QuickSearch Applications pane.

xPharm is a web-hosted reference work of authoritative pharmacological information. All of the content in xPharm has been written and collated by renowned and recognized researchers in their respective fields.

xPharm contains detailed data and analysis about pharmacological targets, agents, principles and disorders, along with comprehensive and easy to understand information about the mechanisms that govern their interaction.

PharmaPendium brings together the best sources of preclinical and clinical data and integrates this with post-market surveillance reports for a wide selection of approved drugs.

After you have tried xPharm or PharmaPendium please leave a comment below

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

NEWS: Business Source Premier now available

The Library now subscribes to Business Source Premier which provides the full text for more than 8,800 serials, including more than 1,100 peer-reviewed business publications, including the world's top management and marketing journals, including the Harvard Business Review from 1922.

Business Source Premier also includes non-journal content such as market research reports, industry reports, country reports, company profiles and SWOT analyses.

We have now uploaded catalogue records for all of the publications in Business Source Premier, and we have included the Business Source Premier journals in our A-Z lists.

The catalogue records include inconsistencies in the coverage dates. We will work to replace these records with more accurate ones.

NEWS: RefWorks demonstration - 13th Nov, 2.15pm

We currently have a trial of RefWorks. Just like Endnote and Reference Manager, RefWorks allows you to import records, search resources from within RefWorks, and export RefWorks records from databases like Scopus. You can also import records from journal RSS feeds and share references with others (e.g. with your students in VITAL).

You can learn more about RefWorks and how you could use it in your teaching and research by attending a demonstration:

Harold Cohen Library, Seminar Room
Monday 13th November 2006 @ 2.15pm

If you would like to attend this session, please contact Terry Bucknell.

TRIAL: RefWorks web-based bibliographic software

The Library has a trial of RefWorks until 30th November 2006. RefWorks is a web-based bibliographic software tool (cf Endnote or Reference Manager).

To access this trial go to http://www.refworks.com/refworks.

At your first visit, you must create an account name and password. Click on ‘Sign up for an Individual Account’. We recommend that you use your University email address in the registration form.

Then choose the type or user and area of interest (we could modify the choices here if we started a subscription to RefWorks). You are then ready to start putting references into RefWorks.

You can do this
- via the direct links from resources like CSA Illumina, Scopus, Ebsco, Porquest, Ovid...
- entering manually references (in the menu bar choose 'References/add new references')
- searching an online catalogue (in the menu bar choose 'Search/online Catalogue or database/ select a resource from the drop down list - Library of Congress for example - do a quick search and in the results window click on those references you want to export into your own personal RefWorks database and hit 'import')
- setting up a RSS feed import (in the menu bar choose 'Search/RSS feed/ and enter the feed URL)

For subsequent logons, simply enter your log-in name and password to connect to your personal RefWorks database.

Off-campus, follow the steps above and you will then be prompted for our
Institutional code.

RefShare is the sharing module allowing collaborative work between different institutions on different geographic sites. Our account has a RefShare web page where we can
- post bibliographies of interest to all
- post reading lists for students or for collaborative research projects
- post lists like alerts on hot topics of interest to your Institution

RefWorks staff have created a demo list - one with some articles relating to University of Liverpool. To see these lists from within RefWorks, go to the tool bar View/RefWorks Shared Area and you will open an URL - click on the hyperlinks to see the bibliographies.

Currently, everyone can post their bibliographies to the RefShare page (in the menu bar Folders/Share folders and click on 'share folder', complete the details and then at the bottom click on 'include in shared area and choose which category or simply send your bibliography via email by clicking on the 'Email URL' button top right.

We suggest you read the following online Help pages in RefWorks:

Getting started with RefWorks
Getting started with RefShare
Quick Start Guide

After using RefWorks please leave a comment below

NEWS: Project MUSE now available

We recently announced that we would have access to Project MUSE from January 2007 through a NESLi2 agreement. We're delighted to announce that Project MUSE have actually started our access now. We have access to the Premium Collection, i.e. all the Project MUSE titles.

Access these titles now from

The list of publishers involved is at
http://muse.jhu.edu/about/publishers/index.html . 17 additional titles will join the Premium Collection in 2007. We will create catalogue records for these journals soon.

Off-campus access is
via EZproxy, and then through Athens from January 2007.

NEWS: CrossFire Beilstein & Gmelin replaced by DiscoveryGate

The CrossFire Beilstein & Gmelin service via the MIMAS server is no longer available to University of Liverpool users. This service has been replaced by DiscoveryGate which provides web based access to Beilstein, Gmelin and a range of other data sources.

NEWS: Coming in 2007: online access to all Nature Publishing Group journals

For the first time, NESLi2, the body that negotiates the national Big Deals for electronic journals, has reached an agreement with the Nature Publishing Group.

The Library has decided to sign up to this agreement in the Platinum category, which means that we will have online access to all NPG journals, starting in January 2007.

That means that from January 2007 we will have online access to:


the 14 Nature Research Journals:

Nature Biotechnology
Nature Cell Biology
Nature Chemical Biology
Nature Genetics
Nature Immunology
Nature Materials
Nature Medicine
Nature Methods
Nature Nanotechnology - new Oct 06
Nature Neuroscience
Nature Photonics - new Jan 07
Nature Physics
Nature Protocols - new Jun 06
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology

the 7 Nature Reviews journals:

Nature Reviews Cancer
Nature Reviews Drug Discovery
Nature Reviews Genetics
Nature Reviews Immunology
Nature Reviews Microbiology
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology
Nature Reviews Neuroscience

the 8 Nature Clinical Practice journals:

Nature Clinical Practice Cardiovascular Medicine
Nature Clinical Practice Endocrinology & Metabolism
Nature Clinical Practice Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Nature Clinical Practice Nephrology
Nature Clinical Practice Neurology
Nature Clinical Practice Oncology
Nature Clinical Practice Rheumatology
Nature Clinical Practice Urology

and the 39 Academic Journals (published on behalf of societies):

Bone Marrow Transplantation
British Dental Journal
British Journal of Cancer
British Journal of Pharmacology
Cancer Gene Therapy
Cell Death and Differentiation
Cell Research
Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics - new Jan 07
EMBO Journal
EMBO Reports
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
European Journal of Human Genetics
Evidence Based Dentistry
Gene Therapy
Genes and Immunity
ISME Journal - new May 07
Immunology and Cell Biology - new Jan 07
International Journal of Impotence Research
International Journal of Obesity
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism
Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology
Journal of Human Hypertension
Journal of Investigative Dermatology
Journal of Perinatology
Kidney International
Lab Animal
Laboratory Investigation
Modern Pathology
Molecular Psychiatry
Molecular Therapy - new Jan 07
Oncogene and Oncogene Reviews
Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases
Spinal Cord
The Pharmacogenomics Journal

NEWS: Royal Society e-journals - access back to 1665, and to all titles

We now subscribe to the Royal Society's complete package of journals. This adds:

Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society
Biology Letters
Journal of the Royal Society Interface
Notes and Records of the Royal Society

to our existing subscriptions to their Philosophical Transactions and Proceedings titles.

By subscribing to the full package we also receive access to their newly-digitised archive, right back to the very first volumes published in 1665.

Our extended subscription officially starts in 2007, but the Royal Society have granted us access for the remainder on 2006 too.

A new set of catalogue records has been created. Because of the numerous title changes over the years, we have 30 catalogue records!

NEWS: Science magazine - now available online back to 1880, plus STKE

We now have online access to Science magazine back to 1880, rather than just back to 1997, following our decision to purchase the online archive. At the same time we have agreed to extend our subscription to cover Science STKE - the Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment. These additional services officially start in 2007, but the publisher has granted us 'trial' access for the rest of 2006.

The catalogue record for Science has been updated accordingly, and a new one will soon be created for Science STKE. Or just go to Science or Science STKE.

NEWS: ebrary Academic Complete - 31,000+ e-books now available

ebrary Academic Complete - a collection of over 31,000 e-books - is now available to all members of the University.

In the future, we will supplement Academic Complete with purchases of additional e-books that publishers do not allow to be included in Academic Complete.

To read ebrary e-books you must install ebrary Reader:

On a Managed Windows Service PC on campus, just choose Start -> Install -> Viewers -> Ebrary Reader

On a PC elsewhere, download ebrary Reader. It is available for a variety of web browsers on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

You can search the full-text of all of the titles available to us on ebrary, or browse or search specific fields (e.g. title, author) to find books in your chosen area.

When you are reading an ebrary e-book, you can highlight any word and look it up in free online resources like dictionaries, thesauri and search engines. We will add the ability to search paid-for resources such as the OED, Scopus and Web of Knowledge.

You can register to create a personal ebrary account which will allow you to create a personal bookshelf, and add highlights, annotations and bookmarks.

See ebrary's Getting started guide to get the most out of ebrary.

You will find ebrary:
  • On the Library's e-books web page
  • On the Library's databases web pages under General, Key Databases, and EVERY subject
  • Each e-book will has a catalogue record in the Library catalogue with a link to the e-book and to our help page about installing and using ebrary Reader

NEWS: Springer Online Archives

The Library has purchased the Springer Online Archives of over 800 journal titles. The Archive covers the period from 1996 back to the first volume, and covers titles published by both Springer Verlag and Kluwer Academic Publishers, which have now merged to form Springer. We also have access to almost all Springer journals from 1997 onwards through the NESLi2 agreement. We have created new catalogue records for these journal archives, and access is now available.

NEWS: Oxford University Press Online Archives

JISC has purchased the Oxford University Press Online Archives on behalf of all UK HE instutions. We have now licenced this content and created new catalogue records for these journals, and access is now available.

The Oxford University Press Online Archives includes access to over 160 journals, usually from their first volume up until 1996. We then have access from 1997 to date through our individual journal subscriptions, or through our NESLi2 agreement (Big Deal).

NEWS: BIOSIS withdrawn

The CHEST agreement for BIOSIS on the Edina site has now come to an end.

The Library has decided not to participate in the new agreement for BIOSIS because the low level of usage for this database did not justify the cost.

The multidisciplinary Scopus database is being partly funded by the savings from not renewing BIOSIS. We believe that Scopus and Web of Knowledge, coupled with more specialized databases, including:

Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences databases from CSA
Faculty of 1000 Biology from BioMed Central

Medline from Ovid

Veterinary Science
Veterinary Science Database from CABI

should meet the needs of existing BIOSIS users. If you are seriously affected by the withdrawal of BIOSIS, please contact our subject librarian for the School of Biological Sciences, Clair Sharpe.

TRIAL: Conditions and Politics in Occupied Western Europe 1940-1945

The Library has trial access to Conditions and Politics in Occupied Western Europe 1940-1945 until 30th November 2006.

To access this trial go to Thomson Learning and register your name, institution and email address .

Conditions and Politics in Occupied Western Europe, 1940-1945 is a searchable online database of British Foreign Office information files gathered from across German-occupied territories following the collapse of peacetime diplomacy. The collection contains more than 22,000 items in nearly 1,000 British Foreign Office files as well as newly commissioned thematic essays by leading scholars which have direct links to the documents mentioned.

After trying Conditions and Politics in Occupied Western Europe 1940-1945 please leave a comment below

TRIAL: 19th Century US Newspapers

The Library has trial access to 19th Century US Newspapers until 27th November 2006.

To access this trial go to
Thomson Gale and login with the trial username and password.

With digital facsimile images of both full pages and clipped articles for hundreds of 19th century U.S. newspapers and advanced searching capabilities, researchers will be able to research history in ways previously unavailable. For each issue, the newspaper is captured from cover-to-cover, providing access to every article, advertisement and illustration.

After trying 19th Century US Newspapers please leave a comment below

TRIAL: ScienceDirect Major Reference Works and Handbooks

The Library has a trial of all Major Refererence Works (MRWs) on ScienceDirect, plus the Handbooks in Economics and Handbooks in Operations Research and Management series until 27th November 2006.

To access these trials go to:

Off-campus users should first login to Athens and then follow the links above.

Note that we already have access to two of the MRWs: International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences and Comprehensive Composite Materials.

After trying the ScienceDirect MRWs and Handbooks please leave a comment below

TRIAL: Primal Pictures Interactive Anatomy - anatomy.tv

The Library has a trial of Primal Pictures Interactive Anatomy - anatomy.tv via the Ovid platform until 17th November 2006.

To access this trial:
  • go to Ovid (off-campus users should login to Athens and then follow the link to Ovid Online)
  • click on the Primal Pictures link
Primal Pictures provides a dynamic interactive multimedia overview of human anatomy—literally from head to toe! It features three-dimensional animations that illustrate function, biomechanics, and surgical procedures. Clinical videos and textual descriptions by leading specialists supplement the animations and models. Interactive learning modules covering basic human anatomy focus on one or more areas of the body, from a generalist's or specialist's perspective, so that students, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals can uncover the information they want quickly and easily. Primal Pictures has created the world’s first complete 3D model of human anatomy.

Images are not mere drawings- they’re derived from real medical scan and dissection data interpreted by a team of staff anatomists, and constructed using advanced imaging by an in-house team of graphics specialists.

After trying Primal Pictures please leave a comment below

TRIAL: Times Literary Supplement Centenary Archive

The Library has trial access to the Times Literary Supplement Centenary Archive until 17th November 2006.

To access this trial go to Thomson Gale and login with the trial username and password.

The Times Literary Supplement Centenary Archive offers a rich new research database for students and researchers of English literature and other humanities or social science subjects. Unparalleled opportunities for tracking the views of influential opinion makers, the response of their peers, the controversies of the day and how they developed, are now possible in an easy-to-navigate digital environment.

After trying the Times Literary Supplement Centenary Archive please leave a comment below

TRIAL: Latino Literature: Poetry, Drama and Fiction / Latin American Women Writers

The Library has trial access to Latino Literature: Poetry, Drama and Fiction and Latin American Women Writers from Alexnader Street Press until 30th November 2006.

To access these trials go to Latino Literature: Poetry, Drama, and Fiction or Latin American Women Writers and login with the trial username and password.

Latino Literature contains approximately 380 plays and 67,500 pages of prose and poetry by Chicano, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican and other Latin writers working in the United States.

Latin American Women Writers will contain approximately 100,000 pages of prose, poetry and drama by women writers from Mexico, Central, and South America when complete. There are 19,500 pages of prose and poetry and 36 plays in this release.

After trying Latino Literature and /or Latin American Women Writers please leave a comment below

TRIAL: Community of Scholars

The Library has a trial of the Community of Scholars database on the CSA Illumina platform until 10th November 2006.
To access this trial:

  • go to CSA Illumina (off-campus users should login to Athens and then follow the link to CSA Illumina)
  • click on the Specific Databases link
  • check the Community of Scholars checkbox and click Continue to Search

Community of Scholars™ provides authoritative information about more than 1 million scholars and organizations around the world, together with verified affiliation and publication information. The database comprises international faculty at 4-year universities and their departments. Community of Scholars covers 1,091,749 scholars in 2,213 Universities.
We already have complementary access to Community of Scholars (Social Sciences).

After trying the Community of Scholars databases please leave a comment below

TRIAL: CINAHL (on EBSCOhost) - with Full-Text

The Library has long-term trial access to CINAHL on the EBSCOhost platform.

We have now added the option of the full-text for more than 560 journals for 30 days, until 30th November 2006.

To access this trial go to EBSCOhost and login with the trial username and password.

We currently subscribe to CINAHL on the Ovid platform, but CINAHL is now owned by EBSCO and from 2008 it will only be available on the EBSCOhost platform. We will work with Ovid and EBSCO to ensure that the transition to the new platform occurs between academic sessions.
We also access Medline, AMED and British Nursing Index on the Ovid platform at present. Although we are not obliged move these databases to EBSCOhost we appreciate that you might find it more convenient to continue to have access to all of these databases on one platform.
The Library therefore invites you to provide us with feedback about the new platform: whether you would like us to transfer to it as soon as convenient or as late as convenient, and whether you would also like to see Medline, AMED and BNI on this platform.

After trying CINAHL on EBSCOhost please leave a comment below

TRIAL: Cold Spring Harbor Protocols

The Library has a trial of Cold Spring Harbor Protocols until 13th November 2006.

To access this trial go to Cold Spring Harbor Protocols (on-campus only).

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is renowned for its teaching of biomedical research techniques. For decades, participants in its celebrated, hands-on courses and users of its laboratory manuals have gained access to the most authoritative and reliable methods in molecular and cellular biology. Now that access has moved online.

Cold Spring Harbor Protocols is a definitive, interactive source of new and classic research techniques. The database is fully searchable by keyword and subject, and it has many novel features—such as discussion forums and personal folders—made possible by online publication. Its coverage includes cell and molecular biology, genetics, bioinformatics, protein science, and imaging. Protocols are presented step-by-step and edited in the style that has made Molecular Cloning, Antibodies, Cells and many other CSH manuals essential to the work of scientists worldwide. Protocols will be continuously expanded, updated, and annotated by the originators and users of the techniques.

After trying Cold Spring Harbor Protocols please leave a comment below

TRIAL: Antimicrobial Therapy and Vaccines

The Library has trial access to Antimicrobial Therapy and Vaccines online, which is the electronic counterpart to the two volume text “Antimicrobial Therapy and Vaccines” already purchased by the Library.

To access this trial go to
Antimicrobial Therapy and Vaccines and login with the trial username and password.

Antimicrobial Therapy and Vaccines is a fully searchable database of up to date information on clinical management of a huge range of infectious diseases and detailed descriptions of antimicrobial drugs. The web site is organized into three main sections: microbes (human pathogens), antimicrobial agents (drugs) and the HIV Clinical Manual (AIDS and opportunistic pathogens).

After trying Antimicrobial Therapy and Vaccines please leave a comment below